I am the married father of five children, all have attend schools in Ramona Unified School District, one currently attending Ramona High School and one just graduated from Ramona High School in June. For over 26 years I have been an educator at Poway High and was a founding teacher at High Tech High Charter School. I am currently the Engineering Academy Coordinator at Poway High School and the Head Coach of the award winning and internationally known Robotics Team Spyder 1622. I hold a BA in Mathematics and Visual Art, an MA in Educational Leadership and a Masters in Governance from the California School Boards Association. I am in the Sunday School Presidency and Ministry in my church.

Proven Track Record/Results Examples:

1. Students remained in-person through COVID while most schools were remote across the state

2. courses across RUSD, such as 6th grade Band and Music Appreciation, Elementary Visual Art (coming soon), French, Personal Finance, Computer Science, Intro to Design, Principles of Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Engineering Design & Development, to name a few.

3. New Electric Busses and charging stations through grant at no cost to RUSD

4. The hiring of many new excellent teachers, paraeducators, social workers and classified employees

5. RUSD fiscally sound maintaining a “positive” rating of fiscal stability

6. Continual respect for our Constitutional rights, Ramona values and personal freedoms through policy.

7. Installed solor at Ramona High and Olive Peirce Middle to reduce electrical costs

8. Saved 7 million dollars by restructuring the solor project

9. Saved 6 million dollars by refinancing the COP loan


Rodger Dohm

Governing Board Member (Trustee), Ramona Unified School District

"Rodger Dohm's track record demonstrates that he's always done what's right for children, family and the community. His experience as an educator and school board member is what our Ramona community needs. I am proud to support him for school board." — San Diego County Supervisor Joel Anderson

"I proudly support Rodger Dohm for Ramona School Board as he is what our community needs, and consistently does what is best for children." — California State Senator Brian Jones

"Rodger always puts students first. I'm proud to support him." — President Andrew Hayes, LakesideUSD

As the father of 5 children (4 graduated from RUSD and one at RHS) serving on the Ramona Unified School District Board for the past 16 years,

I believe a conservative approach should be maintained, where parents determine their child’s curriculum and health decisions. Being an educator for the past 26+ years has increased my view for community volunteerism and less government.

Partners with Parents

I am commitment to improve schools, empower parents, and oppose toxic curriculum in classrooms. I will continue to partner with parents in the education of their child, choice and value their input and voice. Parents are the owners of their public schools.

High Expectations for Students

A proven record of high expectations, award winning success, and safety, excel in RUSD. I encourage innovative teaching, curriculum, programs and leadership supporting Ramona values through social and emotional learning, values and patriotic education, college and career, athletics, AP courses, STEM, project based learning, vocational and fine arts through continued teacher support, empowering all for unprecedented results.

I am passionately committed to excellence for every child socially and academically in Ramona.

Sound Fiscal Management & Accountability

I am continually driven to work with all community stakeholders to remain fiscally responsible, stable, accountable, and focused on students. I am committed to efficient management, innovative teaching and leadership throughout RUSD, with a focus on the latest technology to increase student test scores. I am committed to RUSD working together with all community stakeholders.

It would be my honor to serve you.

Endorsed By:

— California State Senator Brian Jones

— San Diego County Supervisor Joel Anderson

— Board Vice President/Clerk Bob Stoody, Ramona Unified School District

— Board Member Dawn Perfect, Ramona Unified School District

— Board President Andrew Hayes, Lakeside Union School District

— The Republican Party of San Diego

— Carl DeMaio|600 KOGO NEWSRADIO
    Chairman of Reform California and host of the DeMaio Report

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